Association of Doctoral Programs in
Criminology & Criminal Justice


This association will be composed [of] active or developing doctoral programs offering Ph.D. degrees in substantive areas related to crime and justice.

            I.      The Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Association of Doctoral Programs in Criminology & Criminal Justice.

         II.      Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote doctoral education with a primary focus on crime and justice.

     III.      Objectives

A.  To collect and disseminate information for the advancement of doctoral education in crime and justice.

B.  To promote research in crime and justice and advance it as a field of scientific inquiry.

C.   To increase the visibility and recognition of doctoral study in crime and justice.

     IV.      Membership

A.   Programs eligible for membership will include programs offering or developing doctoral degrees in criminal justice, criminology, or other substantive areas related to crime and justice.

B.   There shall be two kinds of members. Active members are programs currently admitting students for doctoral study. Associate members are programs that are being developed  but not yet admitting students.

C.   In order to participate in the nominations and/or voting process of the Association, a member must be in good standing.

D.   To maintain membership in good standing, an Association member must pay annual dues for current year.

         V.      Dues

A. There will be annual dues for active and associate members.

B. The amount of the annual dues will be recommended by the executive board in the annual budget and will be voted on by voting members present at the annual meeting.

 C. Dues must be paid by November 1st .

     VI.      Meetings

A. The organization's annual business meeting will be held during the meetings of the American Society of Criminology each year, at which it will conduct its business (election of officers, distribution of survey, report of the budget, voting on annual dues, etc.).  See by-laws.

B.  Executive board will ordinarily meet during the annual meetings of Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and may call for additional meetings at that time as appropriate.

  VII.      The Executive Board

A.   The Executive Board shall administer the affairs of the organization. It shall consist of the following elected officers: Past-President, President, Vice President (President Elect), and Secretary/ Treasurer.

B.   In the initial year, a Vice President, President, and Secretary/Treasurer will be elected (current President will be Past President)

C.   In all years that follow, the organization will elect a Vice President every year - the vice president will serve a one year term, become president for a one year term, then serve as past president for one year.  (3 year commitment)

D.   Secretary treasurer serves three years

E.    Officers must come from programs that are active members in good standing

F.    Executive board is responsible for identifying and contracting with a secretariat

G.   Active member organizations will bid to serve as secretariat

H.   The secretariat will run the website, conduct the survey, and run the election (other duties as assigned)

I.   The secretariat will report to the President

VIII.      Officers

A.   President

The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Association, shall represent the Organization at formal gatherings, shall preside over the Annual Meeting, and shall appoint committees as deemed necessary.

B.   Vice President (President Elect)

The Vice President shall preside over the meeting of Association in the absence of the President and shall be empowered to conduct all necessary business of the Association in the event that a vacancy exists in the office of the President or upon the disability of the President.

C.   The Vice President will serve as the president elect.

·         Vice President proposes a budget for the year that s/he is President.

·         Vice President serves in the absence of the President.

D.   The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the records and minutes of the Association and serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association.

E.    Past President: Past President will serve as a non-voting member of the executive committee.

     IX.      Elections

A.         Election of officers will be held at the Association's annual business meeting at the American Society of Criminology.

B.         Newly elected persons will take office at the close of the annual meeting each year.

C.         Voting shall be limited to active member programs in good standing.

D.         Call for nominations shall be made at the end of the academic year.

E.          The Executive board will propose a slate of officers to be presented to the membership - membership will vote prior to the annual meeting.

         X.      Amending The Charter

An amendment to this Charter may be considered if at least one-third of active members in good standing indicate their support. Proposed amendments shall be considered at the annual business meeting. Passage requires that at least two-thirds of all active members in good standing vote in support of an amendment.